About Kenyon Legal & Tony Kenyon

We are experts in assisting with lump sum claims (impairment and common law).

We are driven to provide all our clients with the earliest possible resolution of common law claims in a cost-conscious manner with costs proportionate to the result achieved.  Not compromising the compensation for just damages.

Importantly, we care about the other benefits clients are entitled to that have a daily impact on their lives after the accident.  These include ongoing treatment, medical and like expenses and loss of earning/capacity benefits.

Even when clients are at fault for the accident they may have entitlements to these benefits.

We regard ourselves as experts with Transport Accident Personal Injury claims.  Tony has been awarded recognition by clients and peers for his expertise (Doyles Best Lawyers 2016, 2017 & 2018, Leading Motor Vehicle Accident Compensation Plaintiff Lawyers).

Tony was a foundation Committee member of the inaugural Protocol Working Group that established the Transport Accident Protocols.



The Protocols are an alternative dispute resolution process endorsed by the Victorian Government, Law Institute of Victoria and Australian Lawyers Alliance.

The Protocols govern how claims are transacted between plaintiff personal injury lawyers and the Transport Accident Commission.

Tony continues to be a member of the Protocol Working Group Committee.  In this role he was an integral member as well of the recent review of the Protocols that resulted in the implementation of the revised Protocols.  These Protocols have been operating since July 2016.

Tony was the 2017 National President of Australian Lawyers Alliance (and 2018 immediate Past President of Australian Lawyers Alliance).  Tony is the current Chair of the Transport Accident Committee at the Law Institute of Victoria and has been a member of the Committee for over 20 years.

Tony Kenyon’s Profile


  • Chair of Transport Accident Committee Law Institute of Victoria
  • Doyles Guide Best Lawyers (Personal Injury)
  • National President Australian Lawyers Alliance
  • Australian National Board Member
  • Australian Lawyers Alliance
  • Committee Member Victorian State Committee
  • Australian Lawyers Alliance
  • Member of Litigation Lawyers Executive Committee
  • Law Institute of Victoria
  • Member of Victorian Compensation Forum (Department of Human Services – Federal Government)
  • Member of Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) Users Group
  • Member of Chair of Transport Accident Commission (TAC) Legal Liaison Group
  • Member of TAC Protocols Working Group
  • Member of TAC Protocols Forum
  • Member of TAC Medical Reference Group (Medico-Legal Specialists)
  • Member of TAC Legislative Working Group